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Backflow Prevention

As the City of Calgary has a policy of backflow prevention we are licenced testers and installers of backflow preventors since the first year the City has made it mandatory. Also reffered as Cross connection control testing, we are the experts!

For commercial property owners in Calgary is very important to know that a backflow perevention system will maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation in your piping systems that includes potable water.

This will prevent unforeseen contamination of getting in your potable water supply, and is mandatory by city of Calgary to have it all commercial buildings.
we are the experts when it comes to installing commercial backflow preventers and that is exactly what you want to have when dealing with this type of equipment and these have situations. We guarantee our work.

We currently have 2 licenced testers who are here and ready to help and service you.

Please call us today for a quote on all your backflow testing needs.