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Water Heater

Wanting to buy a hot water tank calgary? Before you buy one, you need to know the many different types of water heaters available in the market these days, so you can wisely decide which one is the best for you.

When you are going to buy a water heater unit, it is advisable that you know important factors about water heaters, so you can determine what type of water heater is the right one for you:

Fuel Source

Research and choose the type of fuel source that you would like to use and also go over the prices of the fuel. Most experts think that the best option would be natural gas, if it is available, rather than choose electrical or oil-fired water heaters. Solar energy may be environmentally friendly and it is a free energy; however, this technology poses a lot of obstacles.

Price and Operating Costs

The price and operating costs determines what type of water heater will you buy – economy, high efficiency, or the latest technology water heaters (like condensing ones). Even if there are so many models and brands in the market today, professionals highly recommend that you focus on the Energy Star products, since you will also benefit from the government grants and therefore you can save a lot on the long run. Because Energy Star products mean that they are utilizing green technology, you are automatically an advocate of the protection of the environment.

Size of the Water Heater Unit

The point-of-use water heater is small, the tankless water heater is medium size, while the storage tank water heater is big. Nowadays, a lot of professionals typically claim that the most popular types of water heaters according to size are the tankless or on-demand water heaters.

Favorite Brand

When it comes to products, people have different brands that they like, while others have their own favorites. Lots of water heater buyers go for their favorite brands or they buy a brand that has a lot of good feedback from satisfied customers such as A.O. Smith, Rheem, Bradford White, Polaris, Rinnai, GE, Kenmore, Bosch, etc.


As the norm for many appliances, higher-quality water heaters will typically have a longer life, utilize better technology, have higher performance and efficiency, more pleasing aesthetics, and even sometimes have a much longer warranty; but of course, with all these great features, they will actually turn out to be more expensive than other basic water heaters.

Available Features

The features of a water heater must always be beneficial to the user, and they are more favorable if the components used are user friendly, easy to troubleshoot, and easy to replace if need be.

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The popular brands of water heaters generally can provide better service network and have available parts than less-known manufacturers.

Did You Know That: Next to home heating and cooling, water heating is the next biggest energy user. If you can utilize more than one fuel type, then it is a great idea to compare what will be your yearly fuel cost, installation, repair, issues, etc.

Types of Water Heaters Based on Fuel Source

Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters can utilize both natural gas and propane gas (LP). Gas appliances are actually the best choice whenever this type of energy is available and also because gas appliances are considered to be the most energy-efficient systems. Gas water heaters are available either in tank or tankless models. In order for you to understand how much hot water it can generate, look for the heaters’ specification and the gas input in BTU (British Thermal Unit) per hour.

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are highly recommended if the only fuel source option you have is electricity (excluding oil). Even if they have a higher energy factor than the gas water heater units, electric water heaters are more expensive in the long run. However, they are actually the best type of water heater units if you are using point-of-use water heaters and heat pumps.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are typically utilizing a very simple system, wherein free solar energy is used in order to heat the water. In the long run, using this cost-free and renewable energy, solar water heaters can prove to be an excellent lifelong investment.

Oil-Fired Water Heater

Oil-fired water heater units are actually becoming less-popular systems for residential or home use, due to the fact that there is an increased availability of gas and other green-technology systems. Furthermore, oil-fired water heater models are also more expensive to install and they also do not last very long as compared to the gas water heater units.

Wood Burning Water Heater

Wood burning water heaters and wood furnaces are heating appliances that utilize wood as the energy source in order to carry out tasks such as home heating, cooking and hot water preparation.

Types of Water Heaters Based on the Size and Technology Used Storage or Tank-type Water Heater

Storage or tank-type water heaters are the most popular of all heating systems meant for home use. Hot water is always available for use, and even if you are away, this type of water heater always keeps the hot water available.

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Electric heat pump water heaters is a type of system that has an inexpensive way of heating water by means of utilizing electricity in order to extract heat from the air, then move the heat from one place to the other, thereby resulting to a highly efficient production of hot water.
As mentioned above, there are many types of water heaters. By being informed on what the different types of water heaters are and what they can specifically do, you can make a wise decision on which type you would most likely buy and enjoy using in the long run.