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Hot Water Tank

Hot water tanks have become a necessity for many people in North America today. The standard size hot water tank is a 40 gal us or 33.3 imperial gal. Other sizes include 50 gal us, 75 gal us. There are power vents and regular tanks. In 2010 the gov. made it mandatory for all new home construction to have hot water tanks to be power vented for extra safety reasons and more efficiency.

If you have a regular vented tank and needs to switch to power vent the venting is not allowed to tie into the existing chimney and therefore re-doing the vent system.

There are many different brands of hot water tanks today and we have found over the years that there is not a lot of difference between brands. Some of the brands include: Rheem, Giant, John Wood, Bradford White, GE. And more.

The hot water tanks that Alberta Water Heaters recommends have a 8 year warranty on the tank, 6 years on parts of the tank, and 1 year on labour. For all atmospheric water heaters(standard water heaters).

From what we have seen having been in the business for 30 years the average hot water tank in Calgary last about 10 years. With that in mind if you tank is already in or nine years old you need to think about whether you should put money into fixing it or get a new one. We pride ourselves on educating our clients to make the right choice that is best for them.

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Our prices quoted include Supply of hot water tanks, installation and we always remove the old tank.