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Boiler Repair and Service

Alberta water heaters and Fast Mechanical Ltd specializes in boiler repairs and maintenance and replaces boilers if necessary we will always do our best to get it repaired but if necessary we will make some recommendations for replacements.

Boiler work and hot water heating (in floor heating) have seen a lot of changes in the last 50 years and here fast mechanical and Alberta water heaters we do our best to keep up with trends equipment and controls so you can have confidence that when you call us we will get the job done right.

Whether you’re using your boiler for in floor heating or heating your home choose a company that has a history of installing boilers and complete in home heating systems correctly and professionally.

We often come in when boilers have been installed incorrectly and need to be quickly repaired to prevent further damage.

• Residential Boilers
• Commercial Boilers

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